How to Have a Healthy Relationship, Part 2: Total Honesty!

10151499456 09eab7630f1 150x150 How to Have a Healthy Relationship, Part 2: Total Honesty!“So long as you’re totally honest with me about your entire past and present, I can face others with a smile…when they try to tell me something they think I don’t know about you.” ~ A Rare Perspective.


A Lie Produces More Lies

A lie produces more lies; if you tell a small lie now, you’ll often have to tell another lie to cover it up, on and on until a molehill of lies becomes a really big mountain of dishonesty. When it comes to relationship there’s no small lie, no white lie and no acceptable lie; a lie is a lie, no matter how our society paints it. No relationship can be truly romantic, healthy or even be successful and fulfilling without absolute honesty. Read more ›

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5 Quick Tips on How to Build Intimacy in Your Relationship – Expert Interview with Randall E. Bennett

randall bennett 150x150 5 Quick Tips on How to Build Intimacy in Your Relationship   Expert Interview with Randall E. BennettRandall E. Bennett is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College.

He has been a clinical therapist for 28 years and is a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).

Randall is a consultant as well as a relationship coach for the MarriageSherpa Program at Breakthrough Institute, and has been involved with the MarriageSherpa Program since its inception. He is the author of several books including the popular Melt Your Man’s Heart Program. Read more ›

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How to Have a Healthy Relationship, Part 1: Total Committment

37065003 a2b7b380b0 150x150 How to Have a Healthy Relationship, Part 1: Total CommittmentCommitment is the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action.”  ~ WordWeb Dictionary.

Having a healthy relationship is not something that will just happen, neither will having strong emotions or feelings of love guarantee a healthy relationship. It’s important you understand this fact, because that why so many relationship have problem. Having a healthy relationship requires deliberate efforts on your part in making sure that you maintain the level or almost the level “or even much more”of commitments and energy you were dedicating to your relationship when it started.

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4 Ways to Bulletproof Your Relationship

Generally, couples are unconsciously used to the habit of shifting blame; like when you do a bad thing, you blame it on the actions of your spouse, instead of totally admitting and accepting the full responsibility of your own wrong action. The earlier you to begin to take responsibility for your actions the better your marriage or relationship will become; because the truth is, the actions of your spouse only bring out what is already in you.

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5 Hot Keys to a Sizzling Romantic Lasting Relationship

images 5 Hot Keys to a Sizzling Romantic Lasting RelationshipA crucial element of any successful relationship is true and lasting romance. The sad truth however is that not very many people truly enjoy a romantic lasting relationship.

So in this article I’ll sharing with you 5 proven keys you might not know or might have taken for granted before now; keys that would help you ignite or re-ignite a true and lasting romance in your relationship.

Before I go any further, let me add that enjoying a truly romantic lasting relationship is serious business, it doesn’t just happen it takes effort.  What I’m about to share with you is simple but very powerful, don’t treat it with levity. Make sure you treat them seriously and take time to reflect on them and find a way to work with them in your relationship.

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FREE REPORT: 25 Keys to a Romantic Lasting Relationship

25 Keys FREE REPORT: 25 Keys to a Romantic Lasting RelationshipThough, I’ve always been admired by both same sex and the opposite sex, been told by many of them that I’m attractive, kind, gentle and funny, for years I struggled to maintain a relationship, couldn’t even get a girl or a relationship not until I was in my mid-twenties…

Actually had my first girlfriend or should I say my first relationship at the age of 24 and I messed up big time; I was ignorant, immaturenot about the age, as you know maturity is not just ageand totally clueless on how to maintain a really romantic relationship that last. I thought it was all about having strong mutual feelings, that is…“being in Love”.

Equally, I felt having great looks, being funny, kind and gentle were all that I needed. Oh! How wrong I was. The failures thought me better… I learn the hard way that building and maintaining the relationship of your dream is much more than just having these “important” qualities.

My girlfriend, though younger than I was, was more mature and informed. She wanted something more than I was offering and like it’s the nature of girls “or ladies, or women however you like to refer to females”, she gave me all the signs and clues but I was not able to recognise them, let alone respond to them. The relationship didn’t work out despite the fact that we both had strong feelings for each other, or “so we thought”.

It took me another 7 years of struggling with failures to finally discovered the keys to building and maintaining a truly romantic relationship that last. After I discover and begin to diligently apply these keys, within a year, I married the girl of my dream;

…the best woman in the whole wide world and we have a really great relationship. Our relationship has become a point of reference for friends and neighbours.

I don’t want to waste your time on our story because this is about YOU!

Click Here to Discover the exact keys I used to build the relationship of my dream… and how YOU can do the same.

I’ll see you there.

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Are These Hidden Factors Driving Your Marriage Apart?

Is your marriage under siege? Relationship expert James Bauer suggests so in this captivating article. See what He’s talking about below, and also learn what you can do to strengthen your marriage for possible troubling times.

Your Marriage Versus the World

I was driving through downtown Chicago on the interstate when I saw the sign. “Life is short.  Have an affair.” These bold words were Read more ›

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4 Ways To Develop Sexy Confidence He Can’t Resist

Do you want to have more confidence in your life? Do you want to feel strong and bold in all you do, most especially in your relationships? This is a great article by James Bauer, a respected relationship expert. He truly understands confidence and reveals how you can easily develop it with a simple technique. Here is his message below. FREE GIFT included.

Real Self-Confidence

Would you like to have real self-confidence? I’m talking about the kind of confidence that is deep-rooted that it’s literally unshakable. Read more ›

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3 Tricks To Win Your Girl Back

Getting your girlfriend back may look like the hardest task in the world. It doesn’t have to be though. A lot guys make it much tougher than is required. You see, you’ve been led to believe, especially in Hollywood movies and by the producers of fine jewelry, chocolate, and greeting cards, that this is the way it’s supposed to be. That isn’t the case at all.

In fact, once the girl walks away, the average relationship may seem irreversibly broken, but there are still easy guide you can follow that really will help you get her back. Here are a few things you should take note of if you really want to win her back. Read more ›

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The Lazy Man’s Guide To Getting Your Girlfriend Back

Breaking up is mostly difficult when it wasn’t your plan. Men handle unexpected breakups in different ways. Some men go all in to get their girlfriends back. They jump through crazy hoops, make deals, bargain, plead, and come close to stalking in an effort to get her back.

Other men resolve that maybe this is just how things were meant to be and seek greener pastures elsewhere – at least, that’s what they do in time. It often takes at least a little while to fix their broken hearts and feel motivated to put them back on the market again. Read more ›

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